Stories About Jake


Two of Max’s buddies came over after church last Sunday.  These three are close friends, and a notorious combination.   But when given a certain amount of freedom to laugh over words used to describe bodily functions and chase each other with Nerf guns, it’s proven that they do calm down after a while.

At least for a few minutes, anyway.  After that, there’s no telling what they’ll do to each other how they’ll express their love and friendship.

Nah, they were good.  They played for a long time outside, then inside, then played Wii, then a card game (called Pick It, which is really fun and has nothing to do with picking your nose, but seriously did someone not think of that when they came up with the title?).  Then we had a snack that 2 out of 3 didn’t complain about, went to church to hear the youth band lead worship, burned off some high levels of energy at the park, then came home for baked ziti and chocolate milk.  I turned right around to serve cookies and ice-cream for dessert and popcorn an hour later while they watched MythBusters.

WHEW!  All while trying to keep a certain little sister with me at all times.

She was very hospitable a pest, but eventually Max let me know it was okay that she played with them.

K., sadly, is moving away soon.  Oh my word, his crazy eyes here make me laugh.  They’re military and even though they haven’t been here long, their family is so dear to us.  We’re going to miss them a lot.  In order to maximize remaining quality time together before K moves, he was able to spend the night.  This was Max’s first sleepover with a friend and they were both very excited.  They reportedly “stayed up way past midnight” but before they turned in, K. talked to his mom on the phone to say goodnight.  All of the sudden, you could sense he was a little homesick.  It was really sweet.  That prompted us to hang around a bit in the living room and make him feel part of our family for the night.  We had fun asking questions to Siri on Mike’s iPhone.

I’m really thankful God has given Max so many good friends, especially at church.  They are a handful together, but those friendships are the best, aren’t they?  So many stories.  We’re going to miss K.  He and Max have only known each other a little while, but the stories were many.  I’m praying their paths will cross again and they’ll be able to pick up right where they left off.


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