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Five for Friday

1.  I’m sitting here with Mini watching her favorite dvd from the library, Max & Ruby.  We’re having a girls-only dessert picnic in the living room while the boys are downstairs watching Harry Potter.  Mini didn’t know we had a real picnic basket until about 20 minutes ago.  I don’t think her life will ever be the same.

2.  The picture I posted of Max in his 35 layers of clothing yesterday reminded me I never talked about something that was seen on the fridge.  Back in January, I was struck by this quote by Ken Gire in a devotional book I’m reading called, Moments with the Savior.   As I was thinking of the possibilities in store for the new year, these words gave me tremendous excitement and encouragement.  I love this devotional.  If you’re looking for a devotional book for Lent, this would be a good choice.

I try to refrain from putting a ton of exclamation points at the end of a sentence, but I really wanted to on this.  “Help me to see, Lord, that this is how you work!” (!!!!!!!!)  God’s Word gives us plenty of examples of this!  Alleluia.

3.  Also seen on the fridge, was this masterpiece artwork.  🙂

The huge Caps fan that Max is, he loved it.  Did I tell you that Max wants to learn how to play hockey?  He is going to sign up for beginner ice-skating lessons (with hockey skates) in April.  Did I tell you he has never skated before?  We need to go ice-skating as a family soon, just to make sure he likes it as much as he thinks he’s going to like it!

By the way, we’ve decided to take a break from martial arts for a while and switch things up in the fall.  Starting at age 10, Max can take karate classes through our homeschool group, led by a dad who is more than qualified to teach the class.  Classes are at the church so that means it costs a fraction (literally, 1/20th) of what we’ve paid for kung fu lessons.  That cost has been well worth it, but we’re thankful for another opportunity that is more affordable to us.

Mike stopped taking Kung Fu classes too, by the way, as his seminary schedule is going to be busier for him very soon.  He hopes to finish his MDiv in 2 years.

4.  On Tuesday, Mini went to the doctor for her 4 year old check-up.  We were new patients so our appointment was an hour and a half (she’s in great health but we had a lot to cover re: allergies).  I learned that I should be carrying two Epi-Pens instead of one (two pens come with every prescription but I split them up for convenience and put one in her backpack, one in my purse, one here, one there, etc).  In case one doesn’t work or if the paramedics don’t arrive within 10-20 minutes, she’ll need another dose, though.  I don’t know how you would react, but these conversations STILL get to me.  Inside, I was a mess for the day.  I feel lucky in that tree nuts are easy to avoid and we found out (almost) the easy way in that Mini had a severe reaction but she was fine.  It certainly got our attention quick and fast and now that we know, we KNOW.  That’s good.  But it’s something I never stop thinking about.  The burden that comes with food allergies is sometimes overwhelming and fearful for a mommy.

But then God does what He always does, He gave me someone to talk to about it.  A student at our church just came up to me out of the blue on Wednesday to ask how Mini’s allergy stuff was going.  She has nut allergies too and offered to sew a cute Epi-Pen pouch for her.  Just out of the blue.  I was very encouraged by that gift from the Lord.

5.  Also a gift, these donuts.  Which are perfectly nut free.  I had to double up on my Jillian Michaels torture (Ripped in 30, oh LORDY) to pay the price, but mmmmm, mmmmm these were good.

Well, that’s it for 5 for Friday.  Hope you have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. That is a wonderful quote, it really puts things in perspective and God’s plan & power is clear when you *flip* those circumstances to see their positive outcome. (Okay, this all sounds better in my head, obvs, hope that makes sense 🙂 ).

    Hooray for switching things up–often that works out even better–and hooray for a future karate discount.

    I agree it’s good to know things, but I get what you’re saying about know-knowing and having to know all the time. It must be so scary because nuts seem to be in so many things, but having two pens (and now you know 🙂 ) will hopefully give you a feeling of peace (?)–plus one of them will look really cute.

    If Jillian is scary in the 30 Day Shred I can only imagine what Ripped in 30 is like! But good job to you–and donuts. 🙂

  2. Hockey is very fun and exciting! 9 is when My Marine learned to play…wow that was a long time ago. That Other Kid learned when he was 2 since he was a tag along kid!! lol Wow what a great deal you are getting with karate lessons!

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