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Princess Party

My friend, Michelle, made this beautiful castle cake for the party.  The towers are made out of Rice Krispie treats and the roof tops are pink shimmery, glittered scrapbooking paper.  She outdid herself, if you ask me. I clapped my hands and squealed when I first saw it.

I promise this princess party was for Mini, though. 🙂

She was so excited about her party and helped me plan, shop, decorate, and get ready for her guests.  Leading up to Saturday, she seemed to ask every hour when “her guests” were going to arrive.  Finally the time was here!  She helped set the table and named all of her friends one by one as she placed a plate and napkin in front of each chair.

Before the little princesses arrived at 3:30, one of our teens in the youth group, Rachel, came at Mini’s request to be the royal face painter.  She had been talking about having Rachel at her birthday party for months, she was really excited.

I made a little make-up area in the corner with a mirror and a video to watch.

Rachel did a fantastic job painting their faces and each girl chose a different design.  Some of the girls didn’t feel like having anything painted, which was perfectly fine.  It was very low-key and they were happy to play with toys in the living room or do a craft in the kitchen.

The craft was a decorate-your-own princess mirror from Melissa & Doug.  Love these – they were perfect for little 4 year-old design artists.

We had an art table with stickers and crayons, too.  The first hour of the party was spent as free play/face painting/craft and it worked out pretty well for this small crowd.  They were so sweet.

Some of the moms stayed and my mom was there to help too, so it was fun and easy going.  The refreshments were simple – strawberries, grapes, cheese, pretzels, and punch.

The girls ate their refreshments while we listened to a Cinderella read-along story on CD.

I loved watching them drink from their dainty glasses, being ever so careful.  No spills. 🙂

After the story, we played a couple of games. The first game was lining up, taking turns to scoop candy hearts with a tea cup, and walking down the hallway to fill up another bucket.  Not too competitive. 🙂

The next game was with tiny balloons that had high levels of static electricity.  There was very little instruction time allowed before the game was started. 🙂  We decorated the walls, stuck them on each other’s heads, and threw them at the birthday girl in the pink castle tent.

Whatever they ended up doing with them…what’s a birthday party without a few minutes of chaos?

Actually, it was more like thirty seconds.  That’s when one friend looked at me with dead seriousness and asked if it was time to eat cake.

So we moved things right along.  Time to eat cake.

First, group pictures in front of the cake.

I like the self-made bunny ears, Mini! 

Okay, okay.  I know I’ve posted a ton of pictures, so I’ll close with just one more.  This next picture makes me laugh so hard.  Not only our silly expressions, but the one on K’s face (far left) is so funny.  This question is for my friend Christine, our senior pastor’s wife and mother of this sweet, precious girl: What is going on in her mind when she looks at that lighter sitting on the table?!


8 thoughts on “Princess Party

  1. Anna, this pic is so funny! Who knows what she’s thinking! All I know is that she had an AMAZING time at the party. Your hard work paid off. Thank you again!!

  2. Kudos to Michelle for the beautiful castle cake!! Delicious too. I loved watching all the pretty princesses and seeing Mini’s excitement of having her friends at her birthday party. The decorations and activities were great. Enjoyed meeting all the princesses’ mommies! Love you Mini.

  3. What a perfect Princess party!! Love all the pink-girly-princessess-y details–and the face painting turned out great. She (and her sweet friends) will remember that day for quite a while. Their little faces make it clear they loved every single minute!

    Happy, happy 4th birthday, Mini!!! 🙂

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