Student Ministry


My friend Brittany is getting married and I offered to address her invitations, which is something I love to do. Brittany is a super cool girl.  I used to be her jr. high leader so I can vouch for her coolness.  Also, since she graduated college, she became even more of a rock star because she came back to serve as a youth leader, as well.

She’s a pretty laid back bride-to-be and just wants her special day to be fun and personable.  I like that Brittany wanted me to write nicknames, instead of formal titles, of her close friends on the inner envelope of the invitation.  Seeing a nickname like Vick the Hick written in calligraphy made me chuckle.

Ha! Vick the Hick.  That’s Vicki, one of our jr. high leaders.  I wasn’t surprised to see that Vicki had nickname status.  Brittany sure does love that youth leader Vicki.

I noticed that on Mike’s and my invitation, however, there were no nicknames.  Just our boring regular names.  What? And I thought we were friends!

No worries.  I took it upon myself to fix the faux pas.

There.  That’s better.

I can’t wait to see if she notices.



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