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Five for Friday

1.  Lucky us, the kids went to Pops & Nana’s yesterday and we have the house to ourselves.  It’s awfully quiet, Mike is studying downstairs and I’m procrastinating on the cleaning I promised myself would get done today.  So, in other words, we’re ENJOYING it.  They came yesterday to watch Mini tumble and bounce her way through gymnastics class, which she loves.  Cute, cute.  She was so excited to have an audience and even more excited to give us a fast-talking summary of every move she did in class, as if we weren’t watching from the window the entire time.  To say she’s into this gymnastics thang is an understatement.  Deep breath. (cha-ching).

2.  This week the regular school subjects took a back burner (or trimmed down to fit and squeeze into tiny time slots – maybe that’s a better way to describe it) due to Valentine’s Day prep.  Max had a very specific idea in his head.  The minute he eyeballed this idea from Family Fun Magazine, it was a done deal.  He knew what he wanted to do, but it was a lot of work.

I agree, cute but kinda creepy – especially the sight of 40, yes FORTY (why so many? don’t we homeschool for a reason?! ha) cyclops-ed Maxes on the table drying.  But he thought each one was hysterical and he’ll love handing them out to classmates in Farm School and at the co-op party next week.

3.  Speaking of hysterical…or hilarious, rather.  Wednesday night was Crazy Shoe Night at Awana.  It might have been called something else, I’m not quite sure.  Max called it “Hilarious Shoe Night” and OF COURSE, even though I’m the student ministries pastor’s wife and should be up on all this stuff, I forgot about it.  Max remembered thirty seconds before we headed out the door (already running late).  I was like, “sorry dude, we’ve got to go,” but he was like, “but MOM! Everyone else will have hilarious shoes and I won’t!”  The way he said it was priceless.  Almost the end of the world kind of whining but short lived.  He then solved his own crisis and remembered he had shark slippers.  Problem solved and with it, a hilarious family memory was made.  Plus he got to wear shark slippers for the night.

4.  Mini came home from Mother’s Day Out with a special announcement on her shirt.

Yes.  Yes, she enjoyed that position very much.

5.  Next week is big for her, by the way.  Birthday girl is turning 4 on Thursday.  Can’t believe it!

Have a great weekend, friends!


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