Stories about Emmie

Mini’s Muffin Theatre

Have you ever been to a muffin theatre?

Well, then.  Come on in, check it out.

Mini was busy this morning designing her own café that has a unique twist.

Customers can enjoy stuffed animals, a place to sleep on the couch (in a warm sleeping bag), and books to read, too.

Sounds nice, huh?  And somewhere there is a theatre? We could stay here all day.

She is so cute when she plays with her kitchen and play food.  She loves to play a waitress and ask me for my order.

This is how it went today:

Mini: “What can I get for you, ma’am?”

Me: What is your specialty?

Mini: Um….muffins, carrots, stuffed animals, a book to read to your daughter later, and pepperoni pizza.

Me: I love all those things.  I’m really hungry, can I get a slice of pepperoni pizza?  Since it’s your specialty?

Mini:  No, I’m sorry. Our last customer ate it.

She makes me laugh!


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