Mini’s Homeschool Days

This is my second attempt to plan a more structured preschool time with Mini.  I’m still figuring out ways to keep her busy and entertained with her own homeschool activities while I teach Max.

I’m trying to do it on the cheap, but I haven’t been highly organized.  A last-minute google search before a trip to the library got me started in the right direction to begin our unit on polar bears.

We went to the library on a mission to find as many picture books about polar bears or the Arctic as possible..  Inspired by the cute ideas on this blog, we did some crafts to go along with the books, which were a lot of fun.  The idea to start off with a craft that you can eat was well liked!

At first she didn’t want to read the books I chose for her.   She’s set in her ways when it comes to library books.  Her favorites right now are Spot, Jesse Bear, The Berenstain Bears, Dora, and Pinkalicious.  But I kept picking up one of the polar bear books each time we sat down to read together and then she started asking for them, too.

Painting this bear with a mixture of glue and shaving cream was lots of fun.

One of my biggest challenges is keeping Max on task with his work, can you tell? lol

Can you blame him, though?  Preschool is much more fun than 3rd grade math.

Even with Tim Tebow staring down at him to finish his work.

Finish Strong, Max.

I love a good role model. 🙂 (We’re reading the book as part of school right now.  I have so many positive things to say about him, especially how honoring he is of his parents and coaches in the book.)

But even Tebow can’t keep him in his seat for long.

Not when there are distractions like this!  We made these snowmen for the 2 year old MOPPETS class.  They were a big hit, especially with Max, who was a helper in the class.

Mini made one too, she didn’t want to feel left out.

Plus she made a polar bear mask, which I think turned out so cute.

Overall, it was a great preschool unit (spread out over 2 weeks) and I think I’m ready to try to do more.  The nice thing about preschool is, it’s only preschool. 🙂


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