Real Life Humor


The kids were so excited that Friday night brought a mix of snow and ice.  We didn’t get much, but it was enough for some adventurous sledding.

Let’s make some memories!

The ice really made us fly down the hill.  Max invited our neighbor but otherwise we had the run to ourselves.  The boys were in their element.  I was disappointed that a bunch of kids weren’t out there with us, though.  I couldn’t understand why a perfectly good icy hill wasn’t being enjoyed on a Saturday at noon.  Especially when zooming down so fast landed you in the prickly bushes?  I mean, who doesn’t love that?

Well, okay.  Not everyone.

But the memory making was a success.


3 thoughts on “Sledding

  1. They were probably inside playing video games or watching tv while you were outside having the time of your life! Looks fun!

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