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A Random List





1/17/12 – I couldn’t stop laughing when I clicked on this post that I started to write a few days ago.  It was sitting in my drafts folder and I forgot how far I got down the list.  Ha!! Apparently, I didn’t get that far.  1. and 2. were riveting, though, don’t ya think?

Okay, so maybe I’ll start over with the list.

1.  Mike and Max went to the Caps game on Friday night and there was so much excitement in the air.  Max has become a huge Caps fan, so when he got tickets and a cool hat from Aunt Jen for Christmas, he started counting down the days until January 13th.  And not only was he going to a game, but afterwards he was going to stay up all night with his friends at a church lock-in.  He sanctioned this day as special in so many ways that he looked at me funny when I said we still had to do school on Friday.

But I lightened it up for him quite a bit. We finished our health unit on nutrition, practiced multiplication tables (no writing!), and made a poster for the game.  Not a bad day in homeschool. 🙂

The game was fantastic and one of the players scored a rare hat-trick so people threw down their hats onto the ice in his honor.  I was watching the game from home and all I could do was hope Max wasn’t going to impulsively throw his!  No worries, though. He had no desire to let go of his awesome hat, but he did come home with a plan for next time.  He’s going to buy five “cheap and useless hats” and bring a few to each game to throw down on the ice.

That is cute on so many levels.

2.  Onto another subject.  Hair.  Yes or no? Can a 37 year-old wear her hair in a side ponytail?  I’ve never followed hair trends and felt a little silly doing this so I took it out right before I left the house.  I think the twisty-loose-curled-low-side-ponytail thingy looks cute.  But it is appropriate at my age?

3.  Here are a few random memories from the past two weeks.  In many ways January feels like the longest month ever and the winter blahs are prevalent.  All of us have been sick and I’ve been the lucky one to get this cold virus twice.  It has sucked the energy right out of me.  But I love my new camera and can appreciate the sunny days we’ve had this month, bringing lots of light for indoor pictures.

Falling asleep in the chair meant he was asking for it

Painting a sunset (then it was Rapunzel’s tower)

Doing school over here while Max does his work at the kitchen table.  Wait a minute.  Where’s Max??

She made up a game called Take Away (where you have to guess which figure is missing from the line-up)

in this last picture Max is telling me ALL about these Legos…


My sister surprised me with this scarf that she made from a yarn called Starbella.  It’s really soft and the colors are fun, I love it.  She’s going to make a bunch to sell soon so I posted the picture on Facebook.  The scarf got a lot of compliments, and reading them was a fun way to spend a Friday (along with cutting out pictures of food from magazines and making a Caps poster).  When Mike got home he asked me about the scarf and said it looked like silly bands.

It is a wonder why he was an engineer for all those years then left to follow his call into youth ministry instead of into the fashion industry.

I guess I’m glad about that.


7 thoughts on “A Random List

  1. I love this post. I was cracking up at the blank post in your drafts folder, because I opened one in my drafts the other day and it said “A Day in the Life” and had 7:00 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. …..and that was it. No entries. 🙂

    Love how excited Max was about the game. And LOVE the silly band scarf. 🙂

  2. Yes! I have drafts like that in my box too! 🙂 Writer’s block or too many little interruptions, who knows?

    I love your side do. Very cute! Sorry you have all been sick… that is soooo hard on a Mama.


  3. Um, the pony tail on the side…idk I think I would leave it for a “at home day” although it is incredibly cute and I could see the jr high girls going crazy over it I think it’s too young for a mom (even though you are so incredibly hip and YOUNG!!).
    The Caps are a great team and just leads me to believe we have kids that would LOVE to hang out together! We are (of course) Stars fans but not so much so that we couldn’t love the Caps for a short time to hang out with you! lol
    The scarf is adorable!! and I love how the kids helped Mike feel more comfy while sleeping!! Hope everyone is feeling better!!

  4. Love the hair! I don’t have the guts (or the coordination) to try new stuff with my hair. I’ll be wash and air dry until the day I die. 🙂

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