Back in the Homeschooling Groove

I am ALWAYS thinking of our homeschooling ways.  Hope you don’t mind yet another post where I just need to spill it out here on the blog.

After a long break for the holidays, we got into the swing of homeschooling again.  Max had standardized testing (which is optional for parents in Maryland) and we spent a few weeks preparing for them ahead of time.  It was a rough start – like dancing with two left feet, finding the rhythm of taking timed practice tests where no talking or asking for help for answers are allowed.  But Max did far better than I anticipated with the structure and even the material that we never learned in Language Arts or Math didn’t throw him off his feet too much.

So, it had been about two months since we’d tackled his regular school subjects and were on a full schedule.

He seems to do well with checklists and having the freedom to pick the order of things.  He can do more on his own but chooses something I need to help him out with first.  This is hard since Mini wants to do school right around the time I’m teaching math or spelling, but I’m figuring out how my feet are supposed to move in that dance.

Mini wants to do school more and more (like writing), and is ready for more challenging work.  I’ve been busy looking for free resources online.  I am SO thankful for Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations, who shares a ton of ideas and hosts blog carnivals for preschool activities.  She also makes printable packs (!) that are darling and fun.  The latest pack she made was based on the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

We read the book online (love this site I found, especially since the library was out of the book).  We read it for a few days in a row then Mini worked on the printable pack (it only required a few minutes of prep work ahead of time).  Then we did a few easy snow-themed crafts.  Somewhere I saw an idea to build a snowman with the letters of her name.

That’s a glitter craft, by the way.  I’m not sure what came over me.

Mini loves art and doing any kind of busy work at her little table.  I like following a theme and having some structure to the play.  We seem to be having fun together with homeschooling, but every now and then she gets sassy and tells me to get lost, so she can get back to work.

She completely wears me out, but I think she and I are going to like homeschooling preschool.  (This is a conclusion that has taken me weeks/months to make, after going back and forth about sending her to preschool next year.  I guess I’m thankful that preschools around here are so expensive, it made the decision somewhat easier to make. But truthfully, she has SO many great social learning activities and we’re still going to do MDO and Adventure Club, so is preschool really too much? My conclusion is, yes.  Too many steps in our dance, I think.)

Going back to Max.  He surprised me this week when we started our health unit.  A health unit is required each semester, and I am squeezing it in at the last minute.  I decided to talk about and do a poster on nutrition and the food pyramid. On the day we talked about vegetables, we grabbed a bag of salad from the fridge to portion out a cup and talk about the importance of being aware of serving sizes for everything we eat, both healthy and junk foods.  Next thing I knew, he asked for a fork and dug in.  Even though it was 9:30 in the morning. 🙂

He thought this was hysterical.  And he ate the cup of greens.  I’m not gonna lie to you, I kinda like how homeschooling has influenced him to do things like this for fun.

Okay, so there it is.  I’m reflecting again and concluding that yes, I love homeschooling.

So far it’s been a good jig.


3 thoughts on “Back in the Homeschooling Groove

  1. Gotta love the flexibility of homeschooling! Love that he wanted to eat those veggies at 9:30 in the morning! So glad you guys are getting back in the swing of things with the routine and everything! I have finally learned that I need to have us on a schedule! Seems to help both of us get it done! It helps with the “what’s next” question all the time! Love the craft station you have set up for Mini!

  2. What is adventure club?

    Ahh, preschool. I have a love/hate battle with it. We always swore up and down that we weren’t going to do any schooling before Kindergarten. But we swore all that before we were actually parents during a war time. Now that we have to cope with deployments, the idea of a structured school environment that does not change even when Daddy comes and goes has appealed to us. We think Daddy will be gone when Cooper is ready for Kindergarten….and that just seems like a GIANT hurdle to do in the midst of deployment chaos. So maybe we’re starting this fall with pre-K? *sigh* I don’t know. Parenting is HARD! 🙂

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