Christmas Week

We flew back from Arkansas in time to celebrate Christmas but everyone except Mini came down with a cold, so we lived in a fog for a major part of it.

On Christmas Eve, Grammy came over for lunch and we opened presents and made sugar cookies.

Mini’s birth mom, Anna, and her family sent some special things to go under the tree for all of us, as well.  So sweet!

Mike was already down for the count and I started to feel sick about the time we were going to leave for our Christmas Eve service, so we decided to stay home altogether.  My mom made a drug store run for various cold remedies and other stocking-related-things that I confessed I needed for Christmas morning (who me, a procrastinator?).  My mom came to the rescue, yes she did.

It’s never fun to wake up Christmas morning with a head that weighs as much as Santa after he’s had a few million cookies, but the show must go on.  I rolled out of bed and met two very excited, bouncy kids at the top of the stairs ready to run down and see their presents and stockings (that were remarkably stuffed more than I anticipated. Who knew!?)

The number one item on Mini’s Santa list was a Doodle Bear so hearing her ask “did I really get a Doodle Bear?!” and seeing her face when she realized one was under the tree was priceless.

And Max got the new Lego Harry Potter game, which made him extremely happy, too.

We spent Christmas Day with Mike’s family and although we tried to keep our distance, we shared our germs with them as a special gift of love.  I know Aunt Jen came down with the same cold but I’m not sure about Mike’s parents.  They aren’t telling 🙂

I love this family picture.  Mini’s hands are so cute.

The rest of the week was pretty laid back, giving us the needed time to bounce back to health.  It had some ups and downs (we found out some very sad news about the passing of Mike’s former boss who hired him right out of college and was such a fantastic man to work for).  We are also processing and praying for some other heavy burdens elsewhere, too.

On the upside, we met my dad and stepmom for lunch one day and we just hung around the house all week as Mike worked from home. We had time to cross things off our to-do list (cleaning out closets, finally) and I read a book, had time to play and read with the kids, and did some creative things just for fun. Plus the Caps won twice and Baylor finished off an incredible football season with a bang.

Did all of this happen in just one week?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Week

  1. Great family picture in front of the Christmas tree! Good lookin’ family. Max, I like your hat 🙂 and Mini, I can’t wait for you to show me Doodle Bear. Love to all.

  2. I am sorry you have had a stinky cold too! It really is hard to function when you feel like your head weighs like a million bricks (or like you said as much as Santa after he’s eaten too many cookies….I love that!!!) 🙂 See you tomorrow!

  3. Wow! What a Christmas you guys had! Love that you guys are hockey fans as well! Of course we love the Stars but it’s hockey so who cares;)!!
    Praying for you to get the answers you are looking for!

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