Adoption (Open)

Mini’s Adoption Day

It’s our family tradition to get a gigantic balloon on Adoption Day (in the early years) because it’s fun and exciting, but also stays around for a long time and sparks conversations about adoption.  At first, the size of this balloon threw Mini off a bit. (It’s ginormous….and a great marketing trick for the party store to only sell ONE Disney Princess balloon size…in Size Ginormous. I fell for it with no hesitation.  They know their target market.)

It didn’t take long until she reached a level of pure excitement over the balloon.  We cheered and clapped about Adoption Day and talked a little about how God made our family.  I think she understands her story pretty well for her age, and my philosophy is to share it like a storybook on a regular basis in the preschool years.  I often say things like “oh, I remember the day when Mommy opened the hospital door and saw you for the first time when you were born…” and things like that.

Last year on Adoption Day I wrote a post about how we share her story at this age, if you’d like to read it.  Here’s a post about the first Adoption Day (the day we went to court to finalize everything).

I realize that I hardly write about adoption anymore, but it’s still something that I’d like to put out there to anyone reading as an “open discussion” thing with me.  If you found this blog and would like to email me about the topic, please do!  I’ve had the privilege of talking or emailing back and forth with women who were in the same place I was in the waiting process before we were chosen by Mini’s birthparents.  I know how hard it is and sometimes you just need someone who understands to be in your corner praying for you.


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