Click. Click. Click.

I’ve been having lots of fun with my new camera but haven’t once opened the manual to read it.  I will, I promise.  I also got two library books on dSLR photography that aren’t even that old!  But I’ve only read one half of a chapter.  I’ll get back to reading, I will.

Oh, c’mon.  It’s just easier (and more fun) to take pictures and learn as I go. 🙂

I was a little late with the shot but Max kicked the board in two with a loud snap.  He earned his blue sash in Kung Fu.  Way to go, Max!

A friend at church made us these amazing chocolate caramel apples.  I can’t resist all the candy and chocolate that is in this house right now.  I hope there will be a point when I’m actually sick of  eating it, but we haven’t arrived at that point yet.

So, I’m trying to be good at other times.

In truth, it’s about making room not being good.

The chocolate is the priority.

Right, Mini?



4 thoughts on “Click. Click. Click.

  1. Oh my Goodness 🙂 Can’t help but to smile big looking at Mini 😀 … That little sweetheart is just full of Love and Life!

  2. Love the pictures! Yes, chOcolate is definitely a priority! Way to go Max! That other Kid just got blue belt in karate! They could teach other lots of moves I’m sure!

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