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Preschool Game

Mini wants to “do school” and is ready for more and more preschool activities during the same time frame that I teach Max.  Hmm.  Did not see this coming so soon.

This is finding me fast and furious on the google, looking for printables that can keep her busy, along with simple activities that will provide a few minutes of fun learning.  I’m trying the workbox approach of having a set of plastic drawers that contain different things to do.  I moved the little table next to the drawer tower where she keeps her markers and crayons out at all times now.  It’s like her little office and she loves it.

This is a game I found on the blog, No Time For Flashcards.  It was easy to create it on the spot. There are so many blogs with great ideas out there for preschool.

Mini loved this game.  You just roll the die and take turns filling Santa’s beard by placing cotton balls (or marshmallows) that match the number.

Oh my goodness, she is competitive.


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