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Decorating the Tree

The kids were excited to help with the Christmas decorations this year.  I wish I took a friend’s advice to put a box of never-seen-before party store favors in one of the bins.  The idea to have something besides Christmas decorations to hand to the little elves – and distract them – is brilliant.  Otherwise, the elves could run the show before Mom gets her bearings among the bins and knows where to even begin.

Yep, that would’ve been good advice to follow.

Fortunately, we got through the initial excitement phase of lids a-flying and ornament boxes being torn open.  In the end, the kids were, in fact, very helpful!

The ornaments were great fun for them to hang by themselves and I TRIED my hardest to let them just have their fun.  As you can see in the picture above, Mini had a favorite branch to hang the little ornaments.  She said they were a family.

Once the tree was finished, Max helped me set up the Dickens’ Village houses.  I love this collection and every year I kinda forget how much I love it and forget to mention it on a wish list.   I could use some people or accessories to liven things up on the shelf.  (hint hint :))

It was a nice, relaxing day at home with the family.  Mini and I puttered around upstairs while the boys watched football and hockey.  Mike picked up some Chick-fil-A (we got a generous gift card from an anonymous awesome person or group of persons at church for Pastor Appreciation Month and it provided a whole lot of Chick-fil-A in November! Woohoo!

This is Max eating a #1 instead of a kid’s meal.  He says he is now grown up.  No more kid’s or Happy Meals for him.

That makes me sad, very sad.

However, he happily inhaled the entire meal.

Max has grown an inch since his birthday, by the way.

I guess that growth does come in handy.  Especially this time of year.



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