December 1

I love reading Christmas books with the kids and I saw an idea on someone’s blog to wrap them and put them under the tree.  Every day a book would be unwrapped like it was new and exciting.  Last year I promised myself we would start this tradition too and I put all of the Christmas books we have in a hall closet, instead of in the holiday storage boxes.  I would have them wrapped well in advance of December 1st so there would be a pile of beautiful packages under the tree waiting to begin this tradition.


Not a single book has been wrapped.   But at least I remembered that I put them in the hall closet, right?

Do you have a favorite Christmas book tradition?


One thought on “December 1

  1. I read that about wrapping the Christmas books, too, and I have to admit, I thought “heh” right from the beginning! I knew I would never be able to pull it off. I also read about someone who just puts all their Christmas books in a basket under/by the tree and they pull one out each night and read it. THAT I might be able to manage! 🙂 We don’t actually have a basket….more of just a pile….and I just started thinking about this last year, so we don’t have enough books for every day, but that actually works out ok because we have so many other things we try to get done (like reading Jotham’s Journey, and doing a Jesse tree). Two of my favorites are, “God Gave Us Christmas” (same author as God Gave Us You), and “A Bit of Applause for Mrs. Clause.”

    Hmmm….what was that you were saying about being wordy? 😉

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