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Bunny has been Mini’s lovey since Day 1 and has been carried, snuggled, thrown, dropped, and dragged everywhere.  She has 7 bunnies that are similar and two identical ones that are her favorites.   She used to have three identicals but we lost one.  And she’s always known the subtle difference in the sound that their tiny rattles make, specifying one of them as “Old Bunny.”

Now that Mini is almost 4 years old (don’t say it is true!) she takes Bunny (or Old Bunny) to fewer and fewer places.  I never thought we’d arrive at this day.  She no longer gets upset if Bunny is left behind at home and sometimes she doesn’t even notice if one of them is missing from her bed.  Depending on her mood, of course.

Mini is also at the age when she is dropping her need for a nap.  I wrote about this a month or so ago during the phase when it was especially difficult to get through the evening.  Without a nap, she was cranky from 5-8.  With a nap, she was such a diva and up until past 10:00.  It seemed like we were in that phase forever but it only lasted a few weeks.

Once she had the ability to stay up during rest time and play instead of dozing off, we were good.  She understood the rule about staying in her room and played quietly longer and longer without falling asleep.  Soon, she could be in her room for up to an hour and a half by herself, which gave me a much needed break in the afternoon.  I’m a huge fan of “room time” and know how important it is from here on out.

I just thought it would be nice to follow up on this on the blog.  Learning to adapt to a challenging phase is always hard and I want to thank you for encouraging me to stick with routine and discipline.  It worked!

About once a week she’ll still take a nap and actually tells me she is tired and wants to lie down.  One day I snuck into her room and took some pictures.

I love that, even though she is getting older and time is going by so fast, she still has those cute baby dimples in her hands.  When do the dimples smooth out?  Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

Just stay a baby for a little while longer.


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