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Revved Up

If you have a minute, check out Max’s blog for some new stuff.  Our Awana group had a Grand Prix event last night at church and his car was super fast.  I love the video clips – the winner of the 5th and 6th grade division stood beside Max, letting him in on all the secrets of victory: close your eyes, fingers crossed behind your back, etc, etc.   The ending makes me want to cheer all over again.

This was Max’s first Grand Prix and he had a lot of help from Dad and the guys in our care group.  Not only are the guys old pros in knowing what it takes to take home a victory, but they’re jr. high leaders.  They’ll take their competitive with another slice of pizza, yes.  When he asked for help, they didn’t hesitate one second.  Max had the vision and they had the tools.

I truly appreciate their help and it was very fun to see Max’s enthusiasm from start to finish.

He loves Awana so much this year – we are blessed with dedicated leaders who make every Wednesday night fun.  I’m not exaggerating when I say he keeps the events schedule next to him while he sleeps and practices his verses without any pushing on my part.

I’m proud of you for everything, Max!

Click on over to Max’s blog for more pictures and his funny commentary.


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