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Spooky Decorating

Do you remember how Max has always loved to decorate for Halloween?

Two years ago this was his idea of decorating.  His budget was zero dollars and he stuck to that amount.  After Halloween, we scored a skeleton on clearance for almost as much.  He was thrilled and named him Fred.

This year, we gave him a budget of $10 and promised a trip to Michael’s.  He talked about it for weeks.  He took the challenge ever so seriously and mapped out his plan.

1.  Dress up Fred in a suit jacket and tie ($0).

2.  Find an old chair for him to sit in and duct tape his arms and feet to the chair (ouch. $0)

3.  Purchase terrifying sign and some creepy spider webs. ($9)

4.  Talk about it everyday for a month. ($0 to Max.  Cost was a little high for Mom.)

5.  Get busy decorating, closely monitoring the efforts of volunteers ($0), and making sure display meets standards of spookiness set in one’s own mind.

Yep, standards met.

All within your budget too – great job, Max!




3 thoughts on “Spooky Decorating

  1. Great job, Max! It was really spooky! I heard many of the parents of the Trick or Treaters commenting on the neat decorations!

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