Stories about Emmie

Late Night Giddy

Mini loves going to Cubbies on Wednesday nights.  Being with her friends, singing songs, and doing all the fun things they do really amps her up.  There is no doubt she is an extrovert and gets energized from being with people.  It’s not uncommon for her to organize a game of Duck, Duck, Goose before everyone goes home.  This week, she sang to me the entire way home from Cubbies and it made me smile to know that she is having the time of her life.  I took some video when we got home to remember the night.  Clearly she still had plenty of material for an encore.  🙂

1.  It makes me laugh that I thought she said “say cheese” instead of trees

2.  We’re talking a lot about how the trees are beautiful right now, can you tell?

3.  Pops and Nana don’t have a horse.  But they rode one at Grandparents Week in August and she is still talking about that week!  It pops up at very random times (as you can see).

4.  Her giggle.  Love it.  LOVE it.

5.  Crazy girl.  Love it.

6.  I taught her all of those moves.

7.  Had to clip off the ending of Jesus Loves Me.  She really got silly and went on and on and on and then ended it with the word poopy.  Loopy and poopy do go together but for some reason, I had to draw the line and pretend she didn’t end Jesus Loves Me with the word poopy.  You understand.

8.  I’m glad I have this video.  She makes my heart happy.


6 thoughts on “Late Night Giddy

  1. Ha! That just made me laugh out loud. And I was thinking the exact same thing about her Jesus Loves Me…I think he’s wearing off on her. Watch out world – DOUBLE TROUBLE :):):)

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