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7 Moms Walk Into a Sienna

The other night seven of us packed ourselves into a friend’s minivan and went on a road trip to a Sara Groves concert.

I forget that the need to get away with friends is an important one.  Usually, I just say what a great idea it would be to have a girls day or evening, but never take the next step.  The idea to go somewhere with friends – without kids – gets put on the back burner.

I have a friend, however, who is great at keeping those ideas on the front burner.  Don’t we all long for a friend like this?  She just does things.  And everything she does makes you love her more and appreciate how she thinks of unique ways to deepen friendships.

Trisha is a big Sara Groves fan so listening to her sing at a cozy venue at a church was rather special.  Her songs are touching and the way she performs on stage is so warm and real.  It was a great concert and we were so fortunate to be there.

These girls mean a lot to me and it feels like I’m just getting to know them.  We’re all friends from MOPS/church and I love laughing with them.  They are the not-so-serious, let’s do something fun crowd and I like that!  But each one of them can also move right in to the space of my heart that is made for deep, lasting friendships.  Our bond through Christ makes that possible, it’s pretty awesome.


One thought on “7 Moms Walk Into a Sienna

  1. Yes, we all need to get away and just be women! I truly believe having a night like this makes us better wives/moms! So glad you got out for a great concert!

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