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If Only Pa Had a Sharpie

There were many discoveries made on the Farm School field trip.  First, while I love living in the suburbs and having 6 grocery stores to choose from within a 5-mile radius, I can imagine that life out in the country would be kinda nice.

How would you like to have that for a backyard?  This is someone’s private property (I didn’t realize until after we arrived that the owners are friends of friends so we’re totally hoping for an invitation to their famous Slip & Slide event in the summer).

In the above picture, do you see the clearing in the trees? Kinda like a cool, secret entrance to a cool, secret hideaway in the woods?

Yeah, that is so cool.  You should’ve seen the excitement come over the kids when they ran through the grove and got sight of the rest of the property.  There was a log cabin, a creek with a bridge, a play house, a tree swing, and a fire pit.  They could run around (not in the fire pit, we tried to discourage that) and explore before sitting down for the lesson.

The log cabin was built by the owner with only the use of tools made from hand and lumber from the property.  Just like Pa did.  Since the kids are reading and talking about the Little House series all year long, this is such a great way to go back in time to that era for a day.

Experiencing the Sharpie graffiti of names that we recognized from church (hi Ethan, are you reading this?) was just how I pictured the Ingalls’ life back in the 1800’s.

For those of you who don’t know Ethan, he’s a friend from church.

He rocks.  And, evidently, he was a fan of science.

Do you know what Max is a fan of?  I discovered that he’s a bigger fan of The S’more than I thought.

Here he is looong after all the other kids had gone to play.  I had no idea he was so serious about his s’more making.  There were 4 marshmallows that went up in flames and bit the dust before he reached perfect s’more goodness, but his patience paid off in the end.

And that, I believe, is just how a good field trip should end.

Pa would’ve thought so, too.


2 thoughts on “If Only Pa Had a Sharpie

  1. What a wonderful experience for Max! And his s’more making skills are a valuable thing to have on many different levels! Yum!

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