Well, they had a really fun time on their daddy/daughter date.

She wore the pink tutu as planned, in addition to accessorizing with a loaded down backpack.  She stuffed lots of little toys inside.  You never know when a Polly Pocket or a Little People princess is going to be needed.

I heard about the night at Chick-fil-A from a friend at church on Facebook.  Should’ve known that half of our church would be there, too.  🙂  Mini saw lots of her friends and they took a ride in a limo (she later told me she got to ride in a lemon, which made me laugh) and brought home a flower.  Mike found a bud vase and put the pink carnation in it.  It was really cute to come home and see it on the counter.

(I was at a homeschool meeting.)

(It was about learning styles and personality.)

(My favorite topics.)

(The presenter was an educational psychologist and he was really good.  I laughed out loud a lot.)


I’ve had some awful bad hair days lately.  This is the longest my hair has been in a long time and I’m not sure what to do with it.  In my desperate search of the internet (okay, not really), I commented to Megan (of Fried Okra’s blog) because she has beautiful hair and I pleaded for her secrets.  One thing she does is condition instead of shampoo+condition every other day so I tried it.

This is going to sound silly, but I had the best ponytail ever. Ever.

Then Pinterest led me to a blogger who makes great tutorial videos about hair.  Kate is a hairstylist in Raleigh and is as cute as can be.  I watched every single one of her videos and tried out her hair curling technique on Sunday.

I felt like I had a new bounce in my step!  As shallow as it feels to say it out loud, you can’t underestimate the power of a good hair day.

You should check out Kate’s blog as well as her sister’s.  Lots of fun stuff.

Well, I better get to bed.  Tomorrow I am going with Max’s Farm School class on a field trip.  We’re going to visit a log cabin that was made with only the use of hand tools.  I hope my hair looks good. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Yes! I love her hair tutorials! Mine is often too long to do what she does, but her techniques and styles are so cute. Your hair looks great! And I wanted to clarify here… I don’t even shampoo every other day – it’s shampoo-condition-condition-shampoo-condition-condition. I have a pretty oily scalp, too! One thing to note is that I don’t just condition – I actually WASH with conditioner, if that makes sense. I do the same washing motions and really work close to the scalp on those days. My stylist told me to try it… the conditioner has enough surfectants to cleanse the scalp without stripping the rest of the hair shaft of the natural oils that help keep hair healthy and shiny AND help hold curl and styles so well. She (the stylist) says she only uses shampoo ONCE A MONTH! Another thing she told me that might help if you’re going to try some of the up-do styles Kate demonstrates is that a little sprinkle of baby powder in the hair (at the roots) prior to styling, followed by a good brushing out to remove the excess, will help hold bobby pins in place and keep hair looking freshly-styled longer.

  2. Love, love the daddy/daughter date. 🙂

    Cracking up at the CDO (yes, that IS the way they should be! :))

    And, your hair is beautiful! You look fabulous! Having a really bad hair day myself today, and you’re right – it may sound shallow, but it just makes you feel so much better about everything when the hair is good. 🙂

    I have a friend (Kari actually – who I commented about a couple of weeks ago) who adopted a little girl from Ethiopia. They don’t use shampoo on her hair EVER – only conditioner all the time. Huh, who knew? 🙂

    Lots of smileys for your day. 🙂 Hope you’re having fun at Farm School!

  3. Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with the hair tutorials and make-up stuff on her blog now. And committed to growing my hair out.

    Your curls look GREAT! Very flattering!

    Never underestimate the power of a good hair day. 🙂

    I don’t shampoo every day either, my hair does better on day two and even three. I’m going to try the conditioner trick–but worry since my hair isn’t curly it might look too greasy. But maybe not. One thing I do from time to time is work in some baking soda into my hair before I shampoo as kind of a clarifier.

    I totally took her flat iron advice today (back on your bloggy find) (I’m really good at word webs) and only did a small section at a time and she was so right, everything looks much better. I always try to rush and cram too much at once.

  4. Oh, with all the hair talk I forgot to say how much I enjoyed reading about Mike & Mini’s date. Love that she wore a tutu.

    She’ll remember her daddy dates forever!

  5. Ooooh thanks for sharing that blog. I’ve been wanting to have curly hair and I think I will give it a try. I need to grow my hair out a little now.:) And Andrew said he saw Mike and Mini at Chick Fil A too. It was definitely a DBC night.

  6. Seriously Anna, I sat behind you in church and thought, “Who is that with the beautiful hair!” And then saw you get up to go teach Sunday School. Great style and your longer locks looks awesome.

  7. Oh, pinterest is SO addictive. I’ll have to check out the ideas for the super straight hair that can be done in 2 minutes. I don’t spend any time on my hair and it’s really starting to show 🙂 I was already thinking it was time for a good haircut.

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