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Mini Update

It’s been a while since I did a day-in-the-life kind of post about Mini.  She’s growing up fast and can do so much on her own now.  I asked if she wanted to make some of those yummy acorns for dessert and she got everything she needed and did the job in no time.  Of course, she thought her hard work earned a lot more than just a picture and a word of praise.  That plate was empty in no time, too! 🙂

Lately, our biggest hurdle in life is the crazy nap/no nap cycle.  She needs a nap but if she takes one, she’ll be awake until after 10:00.  She stays in bed but can’t settle down, therefore I can’t either.  I desperately need her to have a time alone in her room in the afternoon and she’ll have a rest time but it usually means she’ll fall asleep.  And if she doesn’t, the evening is so hard.  Short attention span, short fuse!

My instinct tells me to let her sleep if she needs to sleep and deal with the 10:00 thing, but I’m sure the need for a nap is due to her late-night schedule.  Part of the problem is Mike usually comes home late from stuff he has going on in the evenings and she wants to wait for him.  Mike is so great about reading to the kids and spending time with them at night.  It’s not easy but he makes the time to do that so I’m all for it.  That’s more important than an 8:00 bedtime, anyway, right?  Especially when we can sleep in later since we homeschool?  I wish I knew what was best in the long run.  Feel free to chime in if you’d like to share your thoughts!

Well, I didn’t mean to go down that bunny trail.  I’m all out of words and so tired, but I wanted to share these pictures with you.  Hope they make you smile as much as they do me.

Look who got sparkly shoes!  I got these at Target when she was at MDO and as soon as she saw them she said “Those. Are. Adorable.”

I can’t get over how neat and calm Mini is when she paints.  At some point the paints get all mixed up, but it does take her a few minutes.  I actually watched a 6 minute video with Max on how to make a slingshot while she was on the other side of the kitchen painting.  It blew my mind that I left her alone and didn’t think twice about it!  Don’t know if it’s a girl thing or if it’s just her, but Max was NOT that way 🙂

Didn’t I say I was out of words??

I bought her an easel with a dry erase board at a garage sale and she’s constantly drawing on it.  I think art is going to be a big thing in her life.

Also, a big thing in her life is LISTS!  She loves lists!

That’s her morning check list that she gets to put stickers on every time she completes something.  SO EXCITING!

Oh Mini, you’re something else.  I love you, girl!

Now go to sleep!  My word, it’s 10:20!!


3 thoughts on “Mini Update

  1. We have the same sleep cycle issue with Theia right now. It is SO annoying! Last year it was Xandra, and next year it’ll be Aliyah. They do grow out of it, but then you NEVER get a nap time…but atleast they go to sleep at night. No advice here, but I’d love to hear what others have to say!

  2. Oh, I remember that phase. So hard, cause when they are tired is when you are tired too, and for me at least, that was not a good combination! 🙂

    The biggest adjustment to “regular” school for Little Man has been the stamina required and not getting to sleep in. Makes for one very tired boy in the evenings, esp by Thursday. He was screeching at his sister for being “annoying” for most of the evening. It reminded me so much of this phase you are in. We backed his bedtime up an hour, and it helps so much, but it is so hard to get him in bed that early!!

    One thing that helped with Little Man (a little) during the drop-the-nap phase was to “accidentally” wake him in the morning and then to be sure he didn’t sleep too long at his naptime. Nap could be a little earlier, and then the late night wasn’t quite so late. Then you have only a slightly-tired child for the whole day, instead of a very-tired child at the end of the day.

    Punkin was a little terror if you woke her in the morning- accidentally or otherwise, so I never did that with her unless absolutely necessary. For “rest time” I would set an alarm that would go off after an hour and a half to tell her when she could come out of her room. (In fact, before she could really tell time but she could recognize her numbers, I would reset her clock every day at the beginning of rest time to 1:30 no matter what time it really was. Then I would set the alarm for 3:00 so she would have some idea of how much longer her rest time would be. Also, when she dropped the nap completely and didn’t need the alarm, she knew if the first number was a 3 she could come out.)

    And I would encourage you greatly to not give up that rest time slot. This hard phase is relatively short-lived, but, for me at least, that rest time habit is what kept me sane when we were homeschooling. I just needed a little break in the day, and honestly my little one especially needed a break from his sister. My kids are 10 and 7 now and if we are home, we still have quiet time on the weekends and school breaks. Helps this momma a ton! 🙂

    Let us know how it goes!!

  3. Ha ha, I am up because my toddler took a late nap and slept past 5 pm! She’s asleep now, but I’m already busy reading your blog 🙂
    This is a tough stage, but at least with my kids, they started waking up later, and didn’t need a nap. But I agree with weavermom, try to maintain that rest time. Even if it is shorter so that she doesn’t fall asleep.

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