Kisses & Learning

We had a birthday party for Zefa, the little girl we sponsor through Compassion International.  Zefa turned 7 years old and she lives in Indonesia.  Her grandmother is an awesome letter-writer and we love Zefa’s drawings!  The kids and I get so excited when we get a letter and last week we got one with an updated picture.

Our birthday party for Zefa was pretty simple.  I handed out Hershey Kisses, we sang Happy Birthday and for part of school we learned some things about Indonesia and the village where she lives.  The average monthly income is $111 and that really hit home for Max (in a wow! we’re stinkin’ rich kind of way).  We ARE stinkin’ rich.  We each took a turn to pray for Zefa and her family, too, and I read the letter I wrote to her online.

For those of you who sponsor a child, have you seen how easy it is to write and upload pics to your child now?  Technology is great!

There had been so much excitement about the Hershey Kisses.  I’ve never seen the Halloween-themed bag with orange, black, and silver wrappers before and we had to get them.  Sadly, that’s pretty much the extent of my fall decorating so far.

But I am in the mood to do Fall-ish activities with the kids so that’s a start.  I saw these adorable acorns on Pinterest (pinned by my favorite homeschool blogger, Jolanthe) and we made a version of them today.

We didn’t make a whole bunch because I just knew I’d eat every single one when the kids weren’t looking.  So I put the rest in the jar and put it back on the top shelf.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Ha!  Not when you have a smarty-pants 3 year old.  She knows exactly what to say to get that jar back down from the shelf.

She said she wanted to do some counting.

Hey, who am I to discourage the learning around here?





4 thoughts on “Kisses & Learning

  1. Cute! (the acorns AND Mini 🙂 ) What did you attach the kisses to the cookie with? I think I see some sort of “glue” in the pic?

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