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It’s been a week of big accomplishments.  Max earned his green and black sash in Kung Fu!

He built a zillion Lego sets (I plan to help him make thank you cards out of the photos).

He made a mountain that never before existed in Western Maryland.  An oddly shaped mountain, sure.  I’m not sure why God didn’t think of it first.

And he earned his green T&T shirt for Awana!

Mr. George is listening to every word as Max says his verses.  This makes me all kinds of emotional. Thank you God for the mentors you’ve put in his life.  

And what about Mini?  Well, she’s had a big week, too.

She painted a boat in her preschool co-op class.

Got herself dressed and ready for Mother’s Day Out (wearing the same thing she wore the week before.  She explained to me that this is her school outfit). Mini was so excited to see her friends arrive at the same time we did.  Aren’t they adorable with their backpacks?

She also earned her Cubbies vest for memorizing her verses!  Yay, Mini!

Speaking of my hair.  Oh, we weren’t?  We weren’t even talking about me?  Well, let me interject here and say my hair is driving me crazy right now.  Grrrrr.

But, anyway, speaking of hair.  Mini’s beautiful hair.  And speaking of accomplishments.  Mini accomplished something when she was alone with a pair of “zizzors” this morning.  She decided it was necessary to give herself a haircut.  It’s not noticeable where she cut the strands from, but I gasped when I saw them on the floor.

She said, “I’m so sorry, it was just in my eyes (as she motioned being annoyed at her bangs, brushing them away).

Can’t say she is alone in her hair dilemmas.  We’ve all been there and I’m currently having issues with mine (did I mention that?). I think next week I’ll accomplish the task of getting a much-needed cut and color.


3 thoughts on “Proud

  1. My mom always tells the story of my brother cutting his eyelashes off in Kindergarten because they got in his way 🙂 So, at least it wasn’t her eyelashes 🙂 I’m so glad Mini and Madeline are in school together. And I like Mini’s school uniform:)

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