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Birthday Scoop

There might not have been cake but there was still a candle to blow out.

After Kung Fu we had root beer floats to celebrate Max’s birthday.  The cake didn’t seem to matter that much to him, anyway.  What really got his hopes up was breaking out the drink helmet from the high shelf in the closet.

And he definitely needed root beer for that.  He went all crazy on us and decided to mix Sprite in, too, but said it was really good.

After slurping half of each can, it was apparent he had had enough.  You gotta know when to say when.

Then we rolled him off to bed.

The day had been such a good one.  No school, lunch at McDonald’s (yay for a Happy Meal that now gives a smaller portion of french fries plus a small bag of apples – the kids loved the novelty and never missed the extra fries), a trip to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money (thank you, Anna and family), a box at the door when we came home (thank you, John), a call over iChat with Jordana (his birth mom) and a Skype call with his cousins.  Not to mention the phone rang off the hook all day and I was reading a steady stream of email wishes to him.  I do believe he loved the attention.

But who doesn’t love a little bit of fanfare on your birthday?




4 thoughts on “Birthday Scoop

  1. Love that kid….even though I really don’t know him in person! Your sweet not to him is precious!!!!!! What a BLESSED boy to have YOU as his Momma!

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