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Remembering When He Was Young

Last night I noticed Max was feeling melancholy and I sensed that he needed some extra time with me reading at bedtime.  I thought he could use a walk down Memory Lane.

Now, I’m always up for a walk down this particular street, as you know.  I’ve got a good measure of sugary sentiment running through my veins and I’m noticing that Max is that way too, especially this time of year close to his birthday.

He’s been asking to hear stories from his preschool days and wondering if I remembered anything funny that he said or did back then.  Ha!  I think I’ve written down a thing or two 🙂  He was 4 1/2 years old when I started this blog.

But even before the blog, I jotted down notes in a little spiral that I wasn’t sure he’d seen before.  I pulled it down from the shelf last night and we read the entries together.

We laughed so hard at this one:

I asked Max what he wanted to be when he grows up.

First answer: “a baby”

Second answer:  “Bob the Builder”

Then after a very long pause he said, “a pirate!  Bob the Builder and a pirate!”

I asked him why he wants to be a pirate.  “I get to ride on a pirate ship…MY pirate ship!”

(11/17/05 3 years 2 months.  Max was just beginning to put sentences together)

He also thought it was hilarious that he mis-pronounced “can I be excused” and said, “can I be gagoosed?”

Also, this one got him rolling:

Mommy: “Thank you, God, for everything you’ve made”

Max: “Thank you, God, for Buzz Lightyear!”


At the dentist Max had to have “happy air” but he wasn’t cooperative.  The dentist said, “Max, smell the grape – doesn’t it smell like grapes? Do you like grapes”

Max answered him, “I like grapes, but this don’t smell like grapes.”

After reading that one, Max looked up at me and said “that sounds like something I would say!”

I wrapped up our walk down Memory Lane with a prayer, a hug, and a slightly dodged kiss on the forehead.  I turned out the light just as he flipped on his flashlight, like always, to do some reading on his own for a while.

This morning I opened the door to the room of my now 60 pound retainer-wearing 3rd grader still deep in sleep.  Immediately I noticed what he had been reading.  Piled next to him in bed was a scattered stack of scrapbooks and photo books containing pages and pages of treasured stories from his childhood.  Memory Lane by flashlight.

I guess he is now old enough to take that walk on his own.


9 thoughts on “Remembering When He Was Young

  1. Anna,
    What a wonderful mommy you are! I love that you take the time to walk down memory lane with Max. They grow up far too fast. Treasure and cherish these precious moments. Thanks for sharing your special moments.

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