First Day

I’m gonna call our First Day of School for 3rd Grade a win even though it had several things stacked against it.  1) We started late.  (No real shocking news there.)  2) I ran out of things for Mini to do. (She races through activities like an express train.)  And 3) It was rainy outside and dark in the kitchen so I had to use my camera’s flash for all the proper documentation. (That’s a bummer.)

So, with a nice orange-y glow, I present to you some pictures of our day.

Max’s normal lean-over-the-table position.  He did great today with all of his work.

  I bought Mini this box to decorate with foam stickers, thinking it would keep her seated at the table for a good while.   It bought me a math lesson, but not much else.  She was ready for the next thing.  Already??  When I was too slow with handing her something new, she found ways to entertain herself.

Like wrapping a spool of yarn around the kitchen table.

That may have caused a slight distraction in the morning routine.

As if we weren’t the distractible type!

Finally, after all the coloring, cutting, gluing, and sticker-sticking activities that I had for her, and she was still begging to do more, I brought out the big guns.  Paint.

I was desperate.  She wanted to be apart of “school” so much and I underestimated her readiness for having a variety of things to do at the table, one after another.   I have some adjusting to do!  She’ll be in preschool classes several mornings per week (through our homeschool co-op, Mother’s Day Out, and MOPS) but on the mornings we are home, I’ve got to plan ahead.

I think I’m up to the challenge, though.

Yet, this morning I was more up to the challenge of deciding which chocolate donut I’d eat first.

Perhaps getting a dozen donuts after a stressful morning was a bad idea.

But it certainly was a welcome one.


4 thoughts on “First Day

  1. Congrats on your first day of school! Any day that includes donuts has to be counted as a success 🙂 As Brian Regan says, “You can’t blow donut day…”

  2. Haha – cracking up at Mini wrapping the yarn around the table! And I agree – donuts are a great plan for keeping her busy! 🙂 Congrats on a great first day!

  3. You made it, you made it!! YAY! And there were donuts–you can’t lose with donuts (I wish we had Dunkin’Donuts in TX).

    I think you did great helping Max stay on task and keeping Mini busy (she IS fast). Everything will work out and you’ll find your *groove* quickly I’m sure.

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