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Confessions of A Conflicted Homeschooler

Tomorrow is the first day of school for us and no, I’m not ready.  I want to hold onto our blissfully unscheduled summer just a little while longer.

It would be easy enough to postpone the official start of 3rd grade to a day when I feel like it, but I shouldn’t.  It’s time.  We just got back from a vacation with Mike’s family down in Hilton Head, SC, which was absolutely perfect.  We are rested and ready to go, even though that statement just contradicts everything I said a few sentences ago.

I’m so complicated.

Sometimes, my conflicted nature gets the best of me.  Just last week, as moms were posting back to school pictures on blogs and Facebook of their kids on their first days, with big smiles, I was feeling left out and jealous.  And thoughts of uncertainty came over me as I wondered what Max is missing out on.

But then I took a minute to review:  beach. in. September.


You can definitely roll your eyes at me.  I deserve it.


6 thoughts on “Confessions of A Conflicted Homeschooler

  1. Rolling my eyes over here! (haha – in a good way, of course 😉 ) I often worry about what my kids are missing out on by NOT being homeschooled and my having to be away from them all day every day. But, I’m trying to trust that they are where God planned for them to be, and that His plan is different for everyone for a reason. 🙂 And yes, I would say beach-in-September is WAY better than tardy-bell-at-8:00 in September!

  2. You cracked me up, you should definitely roll your eyes at me! It’s interesting to hear your perspective about your kids and school. We moms carry the same burdens and feel the same insecurities no matter what, don’t we? You’re absolutely right, God’s got a plan for them and we just need to trust in that!

  3. You are an amazing mom and I have no doubt you are doing the right thing for “Max” and your family right now! I have been struggling on the other side of the coin (public school is a little scary to me), but I am trusting God that my family is where He wants us to be today.

  4. As moms We always second guess our decisions…no matter where we are in the school scenario! For me I would rather second guess whether or not I am doing enough school with TOK than if he is doing ok in ps!

    Great picture of you guys on the beach!

  5. Wow what a beautiful family…..and what an amazing photographer:) It was a perfect week and all of you and “Aunt J” is what made it perfect. Thanks for being you!

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