Farm School Orientation

I think Max is going to love Farm School.  The kids were friendly and he seemed to fit right in, making friends right away.  I especially loved the teachers.  They both had teaching careers in school, as well as personal experience as homeschool moms.  They seem to know how to make learning fun.

His day will include a zoology lesson (filling in a fact sheet and discussing two animals every week), a history lesson (based on the Little House series) and a discussion of the chapters they read for homework.  They will also start their day by taking care of the goats, pigs, and chickens on the farm.




The next day he wanted to get started on his homework (filling out a newspaper-like poster about himself and reading 8 chapters of Little House in the Big Woods).  He showed me the completed worksheets that he did in class and I have to tell you something.  I feel a strong urge to frame them, I’m so proud.  He even wrote his name in cursive, which is something he decided to teach himself before I had the chance to.  Maybe it’s just first-day enthusiasm, but I think this class is gonna be a good thing!





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