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Eye Doctors and Earthquakes

This morning I had to call the eye doctor because I missed my appointment yesterday.   I know it was well documented that I was dreading that appointment but I really did have a good excuse.  I had just lived through an earthquake and at least one picture on the wall went crooked.  I don’t know what you heard in the media, but it was a close one, folks.

Though it didn’t cause any major damage where we live, it still made a mess of things.  When the earthquake happened, I was at home with the kids.  It was about an hour before my appointment and our babysitter just rang the doorbell.  Her mom had dropped her off and we were waving goodbye to one another when we heard the rumble.  She felt her car shake and watched as the townhouses vibrated.  I thought the neighbors were doing major construction or something because there was a handyman walking down the sidewalk.  But he was the first one who said it was an earthquake and by then several neighbors came out of their houses.  It was the weirdest sensation.

Anyway, since it was nothing, I decided it was safe to go to the eye doctor.  But when I got there the building had been evacuated and a fire truck was parked outside.  So, I kept on driving and came home.  Appointment happily delayed.  I’d much rather be doing other things, anyway.



3 thoughts on “Eye Doctors and Earthquakes

  1. Glad you were safe. I thought the location sounded like it may have been close to you….anyway, I hope the next appointment doesn’t get delayed as I know you are looking forward to your eye exam so much! lol!

  2. Yes, this is a pretty exciting week for us – first an earthquake and now a hurricane.

    I went to my eye doctor today, btw – everything looks like it’s healing fine. I saw a different doctor this time and she talked more about the test and the surgery, which is just an option at this point.

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