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Excitement and Dread. All in One Day.

Tomorrow is a day that I’ve been excited about for a long time.  It’s Farm School Orientation for Max and I get to see what a typical day will be like for him.  I have high hopes for this year, yet I’m feeling butterflies.  The class meets once a week for 33 weeks (THIRTY-THREE WEEKS!) and there is stuff that goes along with that, like packing lunches (!), homework (!!), muddy farm chores (!!!), and nervously wondering if he is behaving himself (!V).

There are 19 kids, 3rd-5th grade, in the class with a teacher assistant and 2 interns.  This homeschool mom is not ready, I won’t lie.

But I trust that it’s going to be a good experience for both of us.  Even if I find out my lunch packing skills are not up to par.


Tomorrow is also a day that I am dreading.  Right after orientation, I have to scoot on down the road to an eye doctor appointment.  I know you wouldn’t believe this, but it’s been eight months since my last follow-up regarding my cornea (which I scratched repeatedly in the midst of dealing with a broken foot and other medical dramas blogged about in 2009).  The last appointment was a good one because my doctor finally gave me a clean bill of health, but advised getting a certain test done to see if surgery would be a good preventative measure.

Well.  On Saturday I scratched my cornea again. I was getting ready to go for a run with my sister and I rubbed my eye the wrong way, and that was it.  I was in bed most of the day, the pain was bad.  I just had to take some Tylenol PM and sleep it off.  By evening I was better and the ointment and drops that I have used all this time made a big difference but it has not been a fun couple of days.

So, I dread the appointment tomorrow.  I never got the test I was supposed to get (the reasons? not convenient, hate beltway traffic, would rather live in denial I suppose, the idea of eye surgery terrifies me, should I go on?) and I’m wondering if I’ll get a big sigh out of my doctor.

As if an appointment with your eye doctor isn’t uncomfortable enough.  It’s close quarters and he’s looking at, and asking questions about, my eyeball. My EYEBALL!

I’m sure it’s not going to be that bad.





5 thoughts on “Excitement and Dread. All in One Day.

  1. Max will be fine during farm school and your lunch packing skills will be refined over the next 33 weeks!
    As for the eye dr…I’ve been putting off going for the past 6 months too. No good excuse, just haven’t done it! I’m so sorry you scratched it AGAIN! Hope he doesn’t sigh too loud!

  2. Oh I bet Max will be in hog heaven at farm school (get it? hog heaven? hahaha)–sounds like just the right level of instruction with lots of hands on, active learning. And I’m sure he’ll like his lunch too. 🙂

    So sorry about your eye! I hope your appointment goes well and you get relief. I’m kind of freaky about eyes too. I’d like to have Lasik so I can say goodbye to contacts but the whole laser knife coming at. my. eye. while i’m awake?!?! No thank you.

  3. Or maybe an earthquake will hit, and you won’t have to go to the eye doctor after all. Ha! That would NEVER happen in Maryland. 🙂

    Holly….I had the Lasik surgery, and it really wasn’t bad at all. Nothing that looks like a knife comes at your eye, I promise.

  4. I’m so sorry you hurt your eye again! Hope all went well at the doctor yesterday.

    I know Max is going to LOVE farm school – it sounds amazing! There are lots of great blogs with lunch-packing ideas. I have to resort to them often. 🙂 My favorites right now are bento lunches. Not that I actually make them, but it’s fun to pretend. 🙂

  5. Anna, I have been thinking about you a lot this week. I read this post, and later that day I ended up with a scratched cornea! I have never had one before and it was one of the most painful experiences. I am so sorry you have had to go through that so often. I hope your dr. appt goes well when you are able to go back. Miss you guys!

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