Coming Home

After a quiet week by ourselves, Mike and I were ready to pick up the kids on Friday at our meeting place at the outlet mall.   It didn’t look good; I feared we were going to sit in traffic for hours just to get to the food court.  We happened to arrive at the same time as hundreds of motorcycles.  Uh-oh, the lines are gonna be long.

Nana, in the driver’s seat of her car, escorting two energetic post-Grandparents Week kiddos, was stuck in the same traffic.  So close to the Drop-Off point, yet so far.  When we talked on the phone I told her we had to park far away.  I believe her words were, “it’s okay if we have to park far away, they could use the walk!”

Eventually they parked and we reunited outside the Sunglass Hut.  Max had the insider’s scoop on what was going on with the bikes and he was eager to share the information.  Boy, I missed News Reporter Max.  The reason for the Harleys:  a 9/11 memorial ride and they were on their way to the Pentagon.  What a sight to witness, it made us all proud to be Americans even if we did have to sit in traffic.

Once we hugged and kissed our kids after five days of missing them like crazy, we had lunch (with short lines) and caught up on all the stories of what happened during Grandparents Club (as Max called it) each day.  They had a blast!

They rode paddle boats, had a scavenger hunt, went swimming, had a golf lesson and played a few holes, ate ice-cream sundaes and cupcakes, rode horses, visited a nature museum, went duck pin bowling, painted birdhouses and stepping stones, and decorated visors (and more!)  Nana’s friend, Lynn, planned all these great activities for the kids.  They made some unforgettable memories!

And Nana and Mini were so thoughtful to put together a scrapbook for us.  I love it!!

Here is a picture (of a picture) of their golf lesson with their custom-decorated visors.  So cute!

Max, Jack, Mini, and Morgan with Mr. Justin (a patient Mr. Justin, I hear!)

We brought the kids home just in time for some more excitement for the weekend.  We surprised them with the news that their cousins were coming for a visit!

On Friday night we celebrated my niece’s 9th birthday.

Everyone had the best time.  We made pizza and had cookies, ice-cream, and these amazing cupcakes that my mom brought.

I think my mom knows she is more than welcome to bring these again. 🙂  They were delicious!

So, it is now 10:00 on Sunday evening.  The house is quiet once again and the kids are fast asleep.  What a wonderful, fun, and exhausting week!


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