Crazy Dream

Tomorrow morning I’m going to take Mini in for the allergy test. A friend told me about a lab about 20 miles away that is great with kids. I’m trying hard not to stress over it. In fact, during the day it appears that I’m feeling pretty calm. But last night I had the funniest, craziest dream. So I know I’m anxious.

I dreamt that Mini got her test and I was waiting for the results. A bunch of my old high school friends showed up to church and I was so excited to see them. I walked up to a desk at church and a lady behind a computer asked if I wanted to know the blood results. She said Mini was allergic to three things. Very dramatically she told me she was allergic to gerbils, toffee, and Max!

I was like, “Oh no! How am I going to keep them apart?”

Isn’t that bizarre? Dreams always fascinate me, but that one is just so ridiculous and funny.

Other than taking her to get the test tomorrow, we don’t have much else on the schedule. I’m hoping the day goes by fast, and the next several, as I wait for the results. I just want – and am praying for – clear answers.


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