Stories about Emmie

Little Mermaid

She was a little timid about her swim lesson at first.

But Maggie took her by the hand, with Ariel clutched for security, and walked her to get the pool noodle of her choice.

Pink, of course.

There was slight trepidation about getting in the water.  Chilly.

Ariel was like, “I’ll go in a little later, friend.  I’m gonna catch some rays out here in the warm sun.”  Max was being a good brother and  showing off how he could take the cold encouraged her by his example of bravery.

Maggie had some teacher tricks up her sleeve, soon she took a deep breath and got her face wet.

High five!

In no time, Mini was swimming and kicking up a storm.  Who needs Ariel?  She’s the mermaid now!

Maggie is one of our jr. highers at church and she is amazing with little kids.  She is so fun and animated, Mini adores her.  It was really cute to watch them “race” in the pool.

As a reward, Maggie gave her a power boost and Mini loved it!

It’s so fun to watch her turn into a little mermaid in the water.  Just last week she started holding her breath and overcoming her fear of getting her eyes wet.  I’m so glad she’s going for it!

Maggie is so proud of her.

Princess Ariel is proud, too.

The picture doesn’t really show it.  But she is.  She just had a late night.

Here’s some video clips of the humorous moments in the lesson.  Mini cracks me up – she had some funny things to say.  Listen for how competitive she is during their race at the end.  We’ll have to talk to her about good sportsmanship and how it’s not a good idea to call your coach names 🙂


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