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You’ll See This Next Year In Every Catalog

Did you know I purchased a mannequin that looks exactly like Max?  Call me a trendsetter in home décor. I use it to display the latest book our family is reading.  I like to dress it up and put it in different places in the house, just to add a little pizzazz to our homeschooling.

Seriously, what is up with his funny pose?  Weird and wonderful kid, that boy is.

He was very excited for me to take a picture showing that he and Mike are on the final Harry Potter book.  I can’t remember when they started reading the series, but I think it was sometime before Christmas.  Max has always loved being read to and I really appreciate how Mike makes time for it.  When Mike has a day off, it puts a smile on my face to hear Max ask his dad if they can go on a bike ride then come home and read a book.  He sits so still and listens to every word.  I don’t think most people would guess this about Max, but it’s a secret I like to share. 🙂


4 thoughts on “You’ll See This Next Year In Every Catalog

  1. That Other Kid loves to be read to but I have to “remind” him of it frequently! So great that Mike takes that time with him….weird picture, yes but hey our kids are unique creatures! Too funny!

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