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Every Once In A While, Things Get Done

I just finished working on a photo book for Max’s school year.  I worked on it all day long and if there’s any notion in my mind whatsoever that I could work from home, it is put to rest after today.

Mini, who was doing pretty well but growing jealous over my endless staring at the laptop, told me she needed my help in the bathroom.  So I got up to see if she was okay and there she sat with a bunch of Barbies waiting to play on the bathroom floor.  She knew how to corner me.  Shame on that brilliant little girl 🙂

So, anyway, I’m not so good at the multi-tasking as I lost myself in the zone of clicking and dragging, selecting, editing, and resizing for nearly 8 hours.  Barbie in the bathroom aside, my kids did pretty well because they were tired but not fussy tired.  It was that magical kind of tired that every once in a while you get to experience.

And every once in a while you get to say you accomplished something, as I did today.

It’s 35 pages of memories, laughs, and proof that we learned and accomplished stuff in our homsechooling, too.  Yay!


I wanted to share more pictures of Mini’s room.  She absolutely loves her big girl bed.  I need to write a blog post about her soon, she’s going to turn 3 1/2 this month.  Can you believe that?  Speaking of how time is flying, Max will turn 9 years old in September.  My word.

So, here is Mini’s bed, which she does not call a bed.  It’s a BigGirlBed, thank you.


She loves having her own night stand, too, and control over the CD player.  I love how perfectly those green bins slide under her bed and “catch” at the bed frame.  Just like a drawer.  Lots of storage for little girl toys that seem to have multiplied overnight!  I like that she has some floor space to play in her room, too.










2 thoughts on “Every Once In A While, Things Get Done

  1. I remember when you made that ribbon-covered board on the wall (don’t I? Please say yes.) and I still love it just as much! Love her sweet big girl room! 🙂

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