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Hot and Tired

This summer felt so right until the heat wave showed up.  I guess we were spoiled with low 90’s because now that it’s hitting 100 and higher (tomorrow is supposed to be 105) I am feeling very crabby about summer in the suburbs.

I really want to go back here.

That ocean breeze.  I wish I thought to pack it up in my suitcase and bring it home.

Every time you get home from vacation there are re-entry pains.  Every time.  So I can’t blame it all on the heat, but this week I’ve been incredibly tired, irritable, and moody.

Mike is having a party, it’s so fun.

My mom was in the hospital too and I was worried about her.  She is home now and feeling better but is it bad to think back to the hours I spent in the ER alone with her and miss that?  I mean, she felt awful so I don’t want her to go back to that for one second.  Don’t think I’ve totally lost it.  But while we waited for her to be admitted she was asleep (and finally comfortable) and I was reading a magazine.  It was peaceful.  It was a break from my tired, my irritable, and my moody.

So, the heat and the mood swings can catch a ride on outta here.  I just want to feel the happy that I felt last week at the beach.  Or the happy I feel everyday here at home doing what I love.  Ready to be done with the week-after-vacation syndrome.

Pictures like this help put a smile back on my face.


4 thoughts on “Hot and Tired

  1. I feel ya! I soooooooooo want to go back to Florida, and spend hours on the water in a boat. Not a care in the world. Come home and relax in a pool with no strangers around. Eat good food while looking at the beach….oh, sorry. Back to reality. This week is for the birds!

  2. I feel exactly the same way after being in Montana for 8 days. It is so hot here in Texas, it’s been over 100 for 21 days in a row and no rain, nothing in sight. Grass and flowers are drying up. I want to go back ….to the mountains. Why don’t we all live in those places we want to be? Sigh…love reading your blog and looking at the pictures.

  3. So sorry your mom was in the hosptial. Hope all is well now! The after-vacation is usually the pits. There’s endless amounts of laundry, grumpy kids (and grown-ups) and the HEAT…oh the heat! That makes everyone grumpy! Hope the heat breaks there soon! We only have another month or 2 of it here!! lol

  4. Last week dragged in the beginning and whizzed by at the end! But we made it through to this “next week.” Thank you for all your loving care of me last week; I know it was difficult but you never showed it. Your smiles, your voice, your visits, flowers and Redbook magazine got me through the ER experience and hospital stay. Pictures like these help too – I love these photo shots of the kiddos!

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