Beach Trip

Our crew headed down to Emerald Isle, North Carolina for some fun in the sun last week.  With close friends from our care group at church, we rented both sides of a duplex, which worked out well for our group of 18.  It was just a hop down the stairs to get to the beach.

Of course, the climb back up those stairs was a bit of a workout.

M & M had plenty of energy for it, though.  They got up the first morning before 6 a.m. ready to go.  By the next day they settled into a more reasonable schedule, thank goodness, and they were able to save their energy for the ocean.

Mini loved jumping the waves at the shore line while Max was all about the thrill ride.

Both kids were tons of fun at the beach (well, until they weren’t.  But they did listen when we said it was time to chillax on a beach chair, for their own good.)

We didn’t have too many issues to deal with overall, mostly because we tried to say “yes” as often as possible (within the bounds of their safety or our sanity) and there was always someone around to play with.

We had such a good time with our friends.  We played at the beach all morning, went inside for lunch, and mostly did our own thing in the afternoon.  Mini would fall asleep watching TV and by the time she got up, our friends were willing to entertain her.  It was great!

And she entertained them as well.  Mini has most of this book memorized.

It’s really funny to hear her say the line about Pinkalicious going to the pediatrician.  “You have a rare and acute case of Pinkititis.”  Cracks me up.

Some of my favorite memories from the beach are when we woke up the morning after a thunderstorm (loved it) and saw millions of new seashells washed ashore. Max and I went down with our buckets and it was hard to walk around.  Some were the size of Max’s hand.  I didn’t take my camera but I did get this shot later on in the day.

That same morning, we noticed a school of fish were swimming near the shore line.  The waves were crashing one after another.  It was like they were just riding them, having fun.

It was 4 ft bull shark swimming nearby that was having the fun, though.  Another vacationer (with a cool Australian accent) walked over and warned us that he spotted him in the water, feeding on the fish.  So, everyone quickly got out of the water and let him have his breakfast.

Other than that one thunderstorm at night, we had beautiful weather each day. We had fun with our kids, fun with friends, and had a great night on the town, as well.

We even spotted something weird tucked behind the clouds one night.  What do you think, a possible UFO sighting?

We thought that would make a funny story to tell.

I think some would believe it to be true.  There’s gotta be some kind of explanation for Mike’s strange behavior since that night.


5 thoughts on “Beach Trip

  1. Looks like a great vacation!! You could explain his strange behavior as being in charge of a bunch of high school kids!! That will make anyone a little strange! lol

  2. Just spent a few minutes catching up! You look amazing in that pic of your date night! I also love the pics of the kids playing – too cute! Hugs to you and yours!

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