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V is for Valerie Rose

My sister, Valerie, is an amazing woman.  She is a mom of 4 kids (ages 13, 11, 8, and 5) and has homeschooled them from the start.  She also teaches Chemistry and a number of other subjects to other boys and girls during the year.  She’s a marathoner, gardener extraordinaire, coupon queen, and a fantastic juggler of life.  She is beautiful and has the most tender heart for God.  So yeah, she’s pretty much perfect.

Valerie is 2 years older than I am and we were very close growing up, but we are very different in personality.  She was always mature and smart as can be for her age and I was, well, young, free-spirited, and a constant daydreamer (that’s putting it nicely!)  I thought it would be fun to interview her for this post to show you just how opposite we are.

By “interview,” of course, I mean totally pretend to be her and make up what I think her answers would be.  She would never do that.

Let’s get started!

Anna:  When I was younger, my favorite thing to do was twirl around the living room and do cartwheels off our low coffee table.  What was your favorite thing to do?

Valerie:  My favorite things to do were to draw in my art tablet that I kept in pristine condition from two Christmases past, dust the sentimental dolls and figurines that I neatly placed on the shelves in my beautifully decorated room, talk on the phone with my friends as I organized my college essays and scholarship applications, count the wad of cash I’ve earned from all my jobs that I got up early to do on Saturday mornings, sew a dress for my date on Saturday night with one of the countless cute and smart guys who called, enter a prize winning exhibit at the county fair, plant flowers by the hillside, and research our family genealogy.

Anna:  Yes, ahem, I do remember faintly that you were more domestic than I was.  Do you recall helping me with my 7th grade home ec project?  I cheated and brought my pillow home so you could finish it for me?  I was so intimidated by those sewing machines at school.  The bobbin was out to get me.

Valerie:  No, I don’t remember that!  Are you sure?

Anna:  Yes.  It wasn’t the last time you bailed me out, either, sister.  Remember last summer when you came to visit and ended up taking much needed control over my neglected flower bed???  You were – and are – a wonderful sister!

Can you come back?  I’m at a loss with what to do with those (what do you call them?) perennials.

Valerie:  Oh Anna, stop.  You’re too much.  Don’t you dare post that picture of me after working in the garden.

Anna:  Okay, I won’t.  But just to make you feel better, I’ll post a picture of me.  I found this picture from a couple of years ago after I did my work.


4 thoughts on “V is for Valerie Rose

  1. Anna, you are hilarious. I cried and laughed. You remember so much! I remember being so proud of my little sister when we were in High School. Thanks for remembering me so fondly. Love you.

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