Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

U is for Unscheduled

I closed my eyes for two minutes in May and dreamed of what this summer would be like.  Unscheduled bliss.  Oh, the mornings spent relaxing in our pajamas.  Oh, the fun in the sun with friends.  Oh, the hours I promised myself to get to all those unfinished projects.  To read, plan, get organized, make online photobooks, and complete Mini’s scrapbook of her first year of life. (When did I start it again?  Was it really a year and a half ago? Yep, it was.)

We’re two weeks in now.  With just a couple of exceptions, our summer is moving along as unscheduled.  I know I will be pleading and begging for a routine before too long, but for now it’s feeling quite therapeutic.

I still manage to create stress even in a hectic unschedule, but I’m working on that.  Usually the solution is to spend more time outdoors and remember that, yeah, being a mom is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

We’ve swung on swings, gone for walks, bike rides, and scooter strolls.  We’ve made it to the pool a half dozen times (which is BY FAR my least favorite activity). Is it relaxing to be at the crowded neighborhood pool? Nuh-uh. Nope. Not even a second.  But it’s ten times better when there’s no rush-rush craziness to get to the next scheduled activity.

Next week Max has VBS in the mornings and we’ll be going to the beach in July with friends.  Then another VBS (because he loves it so why not?!) and another beach trip in late August with family.  And get this?  Max and Mini are going to Pops and Nana’s for a week by themselves.  Camp Pops and Nana!  Mike and I have no plans, no schedule during that week.

I love the direction this summer is headed.


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