Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

T is for Trouble Times Two

But I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

As it turns out, trouble comes in pairs.  Or sets of four.

T is also for tires.

Buying new tires is not how I planned to spend a Thursday evening but I’m thankful that the screw lodged in my front tire didn’t cause a terrible flat.  We made it to NTB in time to fill out paperwork, choke over the price of a whole new set of tires, and leave it overnight so that they can do the work tomorrow.  Then we entertained ourselves as we waited for our taxi home (thanks, Mom).

Not such a hard task for these two.

They’re terribly entertaining.

But I’m terribly tired.


2 thoughts on “T is for Trouble Times Two

  1. They may be trouble with a capital T but they are adorable and you wouldn’t trade them for the world! Now the tire trouble….that we can trade!! Glad you were able to get a ride!

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