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S is for Summer

Now we can say it’s officially summer.  We finished up our homeschool year last week and Max is riding high on the fact that he’s done with 2nd grade!

I hope he remembers his last day of 2nd grade because it was awesome times three.  He earned his next sash in Kung Fu and afterwards we surprised him with a new bike!  He was not expecting that and the look on his face was priceless.

We didn’t know we were going to be buying a bike that night.  Mini and I took a walk up to the deli to get some pretzels and we passed by the bike shop next door and saw this red Diamondback for sale.  It was used but looked new (just a few scuffs) and it was a great deal.  I called Mike and we decided to buy it for Max, who had no idea it was coming.  It was so fun to ask him, “hey, wanna get a new bike tonight?”  That was a great mom moment for me!  Especially seeing how appreciative he was and the pride I knew he felt over the last day of school and earning his green sash.  All in one day.  Not a bad way to start the summer!

The next day was Max’s Adoption Day, which he always looks forward to with so much excitement.  He gets to plan what we do for the day (with some limitations like Dad still having to study for his mid-term and such).  We got up early for a bike ride, he spent the day with friends, and then we kicked off our family night with ordering pizza and seeing what happens when Mentos mix with diet soda.

Yep, I think he had a blast in the first 24 hours of summer!  (Wait a minute.  Did Max just call his dad a coward?)


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