R is for Road Trip

On Mother’s Day, my brother, Ashley, surprised my mom with the news that he’d like to give her a car.  I have to admit, I was a little jealous that his present was better than mine.  I mean, how in the world can I compete with a CAR?  All I got her was a commemorative issue of People magazine on the royal wedding and some Chinese food.

But those dumplings were pretty good.  I’m still her favorite child. 😉

Ashley and Amy live in Texas so when they got the car all gussied up and ready for Mom, we made quick plans for a trip to bring it home.  Just like that, flight reservations were made and Pops and Nana were glad to take care of Max and Mini for the weekend.   I packed a carry-on, got a book from the library, and kissed Mike and the kiddos good bye for a few days.

It was a quick visit with Ashley, Amy, and the kids but we had such a great time.  The 1,300 miles back to Maryland wasn’t as quick but it was actually a lot of fun, too. I totally fell into my old eating habits on the way home, but I saw it as a mini-vacay and Sonic and the Baskin Robbins in the gas station agreed.  It was nice to spend time with just me and my mom, it was a trip to remember!

I think my hair got bigger in Texas.

Isn’t her car so pretty?  And a picture of Grammy with her grandkids is so sweet.

This is one of my favorites.  By the way, doesn’t Amy decorate so beautifully?  Their home is immaculate but super comfortable for kids (and messy Aunts).

I seriously fell in love with these red leather couches.  But more than that, I fell in love with these kids!

We played a lot.

And I loved their silly personalities.

(dress: custom made for Amy, who chose the fabrics…she’s so creative)

Our family at lunch after church in Southlake, TX


5 thoughts on “R is for Road Trip

  1. What fun to take a spontaneous road trip AND get to spend lots of time with your mom (and brother and his family too)!!

    I like your ruffly tank–cute!

    Road trip calories don’t count, dontcha know? 🙂

  2. Okay 1) wow you look amazing! Skinny Mini!
    2) Your moms car looks smooth! Can’t wait to get a new one!
    3) Your niece has the BEST hair!!! 🙂

    And 4) I sell that red sofa if you’re still interested! Lol

  3. So fun!! What an amazing Mother’s Day gift! So glad you got to have such a great time with your mom. And yes, everyone’s hair is bigger in Texas! 😉

  4. So fun! Did you know that I use to live in Southlake (I went to Carroll High School) and now my dad and step mom live in Colleyville (just a 10 minute drive from there) and my sister in law and her family live in Keller (a five minute drive)? Its such a small world and I can NOT believe you drove all that way!

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