Q is for…?

I’ve started six drafts about the Letter Q and can’t seem to get my words to fit into something called a complete sentence.  I’m well aware of the reason for this writer’s block.  Not only have I been dealing with some weighty feelings about this or that, but I’m also living the lazy days of summer.  When those weighty feelings emerge, instead of writing them out, I just want to be quiet.  I’m too hot and tired to think out loud and for some reason, I feel like my own words would just mess up my train of thought right now.  Does that make a lick of sense?  Probably not.  I told you it’s hot.

So, let’s move right past the Letter Q, which stands for questions. I’m thankful for a God who gives us understanding and insight, maybe not full and complete answers like we want, but provides a well that doesn’t run dry. He gives and gives and gives and gives.  Amen.

The letter R is much easier to talk about.  It involves reading an entire novel in 4 days (The Help by Kathryn Stockett), pulling off Interstate 40 in search of a Sonic, being artistic with pizza dough sitting at a restaurant next to my niece and nephew, and talking about The Housewives with my mom while eating m&m’s in the front seat of her new car.

The Letter R is for a road trip without kids.

Really fun.

Pictures to come.


4 thoughts on “Q is for…?

  1. How about Q is for “quiet”…as in “Be still and know that I am God”?

    …or maybe as in you wish you had some peace and QUIET!

  2. glad you got a chance to have some of that peace and quiet on a roadtrip with your mom!! You can’t beat eating m&m’s whereever you are!

  3. The roadtrip was special! Pam, I like your suggestion for “Q” as in “Quiet.” Psalm 46:10, “Be Still and Know That I AM God.” My favorite, favorite Bible verse.

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