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P is for Poorly

Max is proudly holding a book that he wrote for Young Author’s Day.  It’s a book about a man named Poorly.  Poorly had a good life.  It’s hard to read the pencil on the book cover but the title is Poorly And His Very Good Life.   

Young Author’s Day is sponsored by our homeschool co-op each year.  Many of the elementary kids signed up and wrote books, stories, or journal entries to read aloud to their group.   After they read, each student had a turn to give feedback and say what they liked about it.

Some wrote about princesses, mermaids, and tea parties.  Others wrote about broken bones and unicorns (and how it’s really hard to catch one).  It’s really neat to see their personalities come through in their writing.

Max’s certainly did.  I truly enjoyed watching him read his book.  He was in his element.

After he turned the page here, Max looked up and said to the boys, “you’re gonna love this part.”

A cliffhanger!  He vowed that he would write the next book in the series for Young Author’s Day 2012.

The other kids returned to their seats and gave a polite round of applause and Max, not missing a beat, showed us just how much in his element he was.

He said, “okay! Let the liking session begin!”

This writing stuff has gone to his head.

Imagine that 🙂


4 thoughts on “P is for Poorly

  1. Very cool!! I love this part of homeschooling….creating something of their own that they are truly proud of!! TOK wrote a story a couple of weeks ago and it was so cute I put it on the fridge and I’m planning to get it laminated and save it for the future! Budding authors are abounding!!

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