Adoption (Open)

O is for Open Adoption

I swiped this Skype pic that Max’s birthmom posted today after we talked over the computer for the first time.  For a while, we’ve been planning to Skype at a time when her mom would be there, too.  My heart skipped a beat from the moment I saw them on the screen.  I love them so much. As you can see from that sideways blur, Max was showing out, but who can blame him?  He was looking forward to the call and was a bundle of nervous energy.  And then the ice-cream truck drove by thirty seconds before the call.  Max was jumping up and down and Mini was crying about the truck driving away from our court.

Now that is exactly how you want a Skype call to start.

Also, it is innately impossible for an 8 year old boy to pass up a chance to be silly on camera.

After a few minutes, we lost audio so we called each other the old fashioned way, on the phone, and I had the idea that maybe I should try to settle them down before we tried Skype again.  I ordered suggested Max to do some push-ups (seriously, it works wonders) and Mini did them too (which is just down right hilarious to watch).  Then we all plopped down on the couch and called back.  Take 2 was much better!

All that to say, I’m thankful for open adoption.

And the opportunity to use technology.

And push-ups.


2 thoughts on “O is for Open Adoption

  1. Any thing to push them to exert energy is a good thing when they are acting like that!! So glad that birth mom was understanding and that Take 2 worked out better!!

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