M is for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I got homemade cards from the kids (thumbprint art from Mini that her teacher in the church nursery did with her…..which was me….and Max labored over a handwritten card in pencil that said HMD).  Both cards I adore and will save for the funny memory.  Mike took us out to lunch after church, which is something we haven’t done in months.  It was so nice to hang out with our friends, Jim and Zeena, and their awesome kids. While some mothers may like to go to fine dining establishments and eat girlie foods like quiche, Zeena and I prefer big, fat, juicy burgers at Red Robin.


After lunch we went home and Mike gave me his present.  Time off*.  Woohoo!  I joined my mom for a drive downtown to tour the DC Design House (a benefit for Children’s Hospital).  We did the same thing last year so we may have started us a HMD tradition, who knows!  I love spending alone time with my mom and we laugh a lot.  Plus, I’m always learning something new about her like how she’s a master at parallel parking.  I was so impressed with her skills that I hardly noticed she was close enough to the curb that part of a tree ended up in the backseat with us.  The windows were open, it was such a nice day.  Oh, we laughed.

Before she kills me for posting that picture, I just want to say how much I love it.  One of the greatest joys in my life is to see my mom smile and laugh.  Every childhood friend I have will say the same thing.  They remember my mom’s happy personality and her wonderful laugh.

We had such a great day together.  The house, by the way, was beautiful.  It was for sale and the asking price was only $4.9 million.  Let me call Mike, we need to move on this one fast.  Many of the designers were on site to tell us about the rooms and give us a little history about the owners, which was pretty cool.  I noticed that last year’s designs were very monochromatic but this year was all about grey walls and pops of color in the furniture.  Wallpaper is making a serious comeback, at least in the upscale and whimsical versions.  The master bedroom’s dressing area had brightly colored peacocks on the wallpaper and I eavesdropped on a conversation of two women making plans to do something similar in their homes.  So be warned.  Peacock wallpaper is the new thing.

I had one laugh-out-loud moment during the tour.  After I complimented the light fixture in one of the bathrooms, the designer said it was for sale at a wonderful discount.  Thousands off the retail price.

Let me get my checkbook.  Because if it’s thousands off, then it belongs in my townhouse right this minute.  In the room that I paid $8 for each curtain panel I bought at Target.

Needless to say, I felt a little out of place at the DC Design House.  But it was fun to look and spending the afternoon with my mom was even more enjoyable. HMD, Mom!  I love you.

*he gave me a new purse too 🙂


4 thoughts on “M is for Mother’s Day

  1. hey maybe if we go half-sies we can share the house!! That would **only** be 2.5 million a piece!! Love that you got to spend time with your mom on Mothers Day doing something fun just for you guys!! I love the picture of your mom laughing, too!

  2. The Mother’s Day outings were great fun, both this year and last year; I hope we can make it a HMD tradition! The Design House again this year was “outta this world” gorgeous. With such sweet words about our day together, what can I say about you posting that “silly” picture of me – except you are forgiven – this time 🙂 Love the picture of you & the kiddos above. That’s a keeper!

  3. What a fun post! Loved the story of your day, and love the pic of your mom. 🙂 I got a purse for HMD too….but I had to (got to?) pick it out myself. And….my kids call my mom Grammy, too. Fun! 🙂

  4. You are too cute Anna! It sounds like I would need my checkbook too for all those “bargains”! 🙂 It was fun seeing you at Chick-fil-a today. Every time I get to see you, it brightens my day!

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