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K is for Kids

Kids.  Geez, they have the ability to go from zero to sixty in the sunshine faster than I can say “who’s gonna clean this mud off your clothes?”  Oh yeah, that would be my job.  The warm weather is finally sticking around and we are enjoying the outdoors.  My allergies are kicking up but this is the first Spring in a long time that I’ve been able to feel good (no broken foot, no scratched eye, no 25 extra pounds to stuff in my t-shirts and capris) and I do feel like we are living this year, enjoying the everyday come-what-may out of life.

It’s a busy season, but a happy one.

K is also for kid, but the other kind.  As in baby goat.  We visited a farm yesterday and got to hold them in our arms.  Oh, I wish I had my camera (whaaaat?).  We went to the farm to see if a popular local homeschooling program called Farm School would be a good fit for Max next year.  We met with the teacher/founder, Mrs. Ryan, and she seemed to adore Max beyond my hopes and dreams.  Seriously, I was timid about signing him up because, welllll, I had concerns that he wasn’t ready for a classroom of 20 kids.

For the first time, I was upfront about stuff.  I am learning….finally understanding how beneficial it is to do so for everyone involved.  The teacher, for Max, and for myself.  So many times in the past I erroneously assumed it wasn’t necessary to have these conversations before the class started -that it would only label him – but now I know differently.

After our visit, all my fears were laid to rest and now I believe he’ll do just fine.  In fact, the class sounds so awesome.  It would be an opportunity that I’d hate for him to miss.  It’s a weekly 3-hour history/science class based on the Little House series so they’ll learn about the 19th century pioneer days with a hands-on approach.  The science portion of the class is zoology and that includes taking care of the farm animals, creating a notebook and other presentations, and even dissecting a cow’s eye.  (Kinda glad we don’t have to do something like that at home.)

The really cool thing about this program is that it is run by a homeschooling mom (with grown kids, two of which are wired like Max).  She sees the positive and I LOVE THAT!  She has her Masters in education and the county is allowing her to use their historic farm property for classes in exchange for taking care of the animals.  The classroom is in an old farm house (with modern conveniences) that has been turned into a museum.

Max seems pretty excited about it.  Although he thinks the most exciting part is that this is “school” for him, which in his mind means he doesn’t have to come home to do school afterwards.  Ah, ignorance is bliss.  I’ll have to work on introducing my homeschooler to the concept of homework, as the class has its share of it every week.  🙂

p.s. Farm School fits perfectly in the time frame as Mother’s Day Out.  Next year I get a scheduled break from the kids. Can you say, K is for Keeping My Sanity? ha


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